Tiny-G Releases MV Teaser Clip for “MINIMANIMO”

GNG Productions‘ girl group Tiny-G will be making their return to the K-Pop scene with “MINIMANIMO” and a 36-second teaser clip has been released on January 16.

The teaser clip shows each of the Tiny-G members, Dohee, J Min, Mint and Myung Ji in colorful outfits and flashy hairstyles. At first, they are peering into the camera as they display their cute and pretty visuals. Then, they are singing and dancing along to the bouncy and already addictive chorus-line on cute and colorful sets.

Tiny-G made their debut back in August of last year with “Polaris,” which was written and composed by artist Jay Park and actress Lee Si Young on the variety program, “Music And Lyrics.”

“MINIMANIMO” is Tiny-G’s second single and will be released on January 21.