Kim Jaejoong Releases Beautiful and Dark MV for “Mine”

JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong, who has already made a big entrance with “One Kiss,” which was released last week, has now released the music video for a new track, “Mine.”

The powerful rock sound for “Mine” has a darker twist from “One Kiss.” The music video clearly depicts the darkness of the track with the overall dark colors and imagery. Kim Jaejoong’s new, shockingly beautiful and dark concept is bound to impress fans everywhere.

The lyrics of the song seem to express Jaejoong’s frustrations and anger of someone or something trying to invade in his private world. An excerpt from the song translates to: “Don’t come here, this is my ocean / I’m scared that even this place might be contaminated / This is my ocean, my ocean / Don’t try to cover even the sun that shines on me.”

It is reported that Jaejoong spent over 60 hours filming for this music video and he worked hard to perfect it even with an injury.

Jaejoong’s first solo mini album “Mine” will be released on January 17.