Who Looked Better during Their Middle School Days: HyunA vs. Suzy

The online community has recently posted pictures of 4miute’s HyunA and miss A’s Suzy during their middle school days, and netizens are judging to see who looked the best.

HyunA’s pictures were dated back from 2007 when she was performing with the Wonder Girls. With a cute bob hair, HyunA looks innocent in her school uniform. Netizens also noted that despite being only a midde school girl, her bodyline looks absolutely picture-perfect.

On the other hand, girl group miss A member Suzy looks adorable with her baby skin and is showing off her bobbed hair days as well.

Netizens commented, “HyunA looked as pure as Suzy during her middle school days,” “Didn’t know you had to look great as well in middle school too if you want to be in a girl group,” “No ugly pasts,” and “Both looked pretty when they were in middle school.”