YoonA Is Keeping Up with Her Studies Despite Album Promotions

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA proves that she can handle both her student and celebrity life simultaneously.

Recently, an online community forum posted a picture of the starlet under the title “YoonA spotted inside a classroom at Dongguk University.”

Inside the picture, YoonA looks like she’s been called on to answer a question. She stands up with her legs crossed and plays with her fingers while she comes up for an answer.

Many of the netizens typed comments full of praise such as, “The way she’s posing, is there a test in the class?” “She’s totally a goddess,” “She looks 180 degrees different from her image on stage,” “She looks beautiful even in conservative attire.”

Soompiers, it must be tough for celebrities to just be celebrities and for students to just be students. Don’t we all know what it’s like to live the latter? So, is it wise for her or any celebrity to attend classes when they’re in the middle of promotions or should they take a leave of absence that quarter/semester?