YG’s Sean Supports Wife’s Movie by Promising a Special Event

You probably remember Sean as Ha Eum’s father, the young girl who got to kiss Taeyang and be the center of G-Dragon’s attention.

On January 14, he posted a picture with his wife and included his message of support, “Actress Jung Hye Young and movie ‘Man on the Edge’ fighting! I, Sean, will go to Myeongdong and Busan (and also Jejudo if it surpasses 3 million viewers before next Saturday) if more than 3 million people who watch the movie and I will give free hugs. You should know why I’m doing this even if I’m not even appearing in the movie, right?”

Netizens who heard about his special event commented, “Sean’s free hug promise is so cool,” “I guess he’ll give free hugs soon,” “Sean’s love for his wife is amazing,” “Jung Hye Young must be so happy,” “I want to meet a husband like him,” “Sean, fighting!”

Meanwhile, “Man on the Edge” opened in theaters on January 9 and also starrs Park Shin Yang (“Sign,” “Lovers in Paris”), Kim Jung Tae (“Dream High 2,” “Sign”), Uhm Ji Won (“Sign,” “The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry”). The movie comically portrays a man who lives dual lives: a gangster by day and a shaman by night.