Baek Ji Young’s Boyfriend Jung Suk Won Prefers “Gangbuk Cool Guys” Over Her Own Song

It was revealed that Jung Suk Won prefers the song “Gangbuk Cool Guys” by Jung Hyungdon  over his own girlfriend’s, Baek Ji Young‘s, song. 

On the January 17 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3“, Baek Ji Young revealed, “Jung Suk Won likes ‘Gangbuk Cool Guys’ more than my song.”

Park Ji Young also praised the new hit composed by Park Myung Soo, which is ranked higher in the charts than Baek Ji Young’s song and said, “I listened to the song and its pretty good.” She jokingly expressed some jealousy and complained about her boyfriend by saying, “As soon as ‘Gangbuk Cool Guys’ came out, Jung Suk Won listened to it right away.”

On the show, Baek Ji Young also spoke out about her previous feud with her agency while she was performing the song “Dash.”

Along with Baek Ji Young, Kin Wan Sun and Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon appear as a guests on the episode of “Happy Together 3.”