Lightning Flash Weather Forecast: Yoo Hana Is a Cold Hearted…

Ruh oh! Ladies be careful when you put on your makeup. Eyes are everywhere!

As we reported recently, Yoo Hana is getting criticized because she fixed her make-up on while other people on “Strong Heart” were talking about death. B1A4’s Sandeul was talking about how his grandfather was fighting cancer and the actress Kim Jung Hwa talked about her mother’s death.

Look, sure it might seem a bit insensitive, but I think people are reading too much into it. I’m sorry but if you are crying in front of me and talking about your parents death, but I really need to blow my nose because snot is starting to drip out of my nose. I’m going to blow my nose.

So what if she put on some makeup? It’s not like she was laughing, picking her nose, or falling asleep.

Right now, the production team of “Strong Heart” explained that it was the editing. Yoo Hana was crying so she was fixing up her makeup. Also, Yoo Hana’s entertainment agency stated that other people can be seen using mirrors too.

However, Netizens are still unconvinced saying, “Does your makeup flow all the way down to your mouth?” That’s because, she is shown fixing up her lipstick.

But regardless, I still see no issue. Also, one of the reasons I’ve stopped watching “Strong Heart” is because it is too scripted/edited. There’s a certain format to the show. You have your funny stories then someone talks about a sad story and everyone cries, and etc. I don’t feel like it is authentic. Sure, death is a profound experience. But when you talk about these kinds of issues on television, I don’t’ know, it all feels artificial.

Anyways, LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE! Let her put on her lipstick!

(Wonder what they would say if she put her lipstick on like THIS! HUBBA HUBBA)

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