Actor Kang Ji Hwan to Create His Own Agency

On January 17, Kang Ji Hwan held a press conference and announced, “From here on, I would not join any agency. I am working on founding my own agency so that I could focus solely on my career without any distraction.” 

Currently, Kang Ji Hwan is in the middle of a legal dispute with his former agency S-Plus Entertainment. Kang Ji Hwan was casted to star in “Incarnation of Money” through S-Plus Entertainment last year and he expressed interest in doing so, but the communication between the actor and the company did not go smoothly. As a result, he gave up starring in “Incarnation of Money.”

Kang Ji Hwan explained the legal dispute in 2012, “I understood that my exclusive contract with the agency was to expire on December 31, but the company did not agree with me. As things like that were still under question, I could not discuss my next career move. So I had to give up on my career completely during this time.” 

Meanwhile, S-Plus Entertainment filed a lawsuit against the actor asking for compensation of 360 million Korean won and return of any excessive profits he made outside his contract with the company. Kang Ji Hwan responded with another lawsuit against the CEO of the agency for defamation. In the midst of this legal dispute, Kang Ji Hwan confirmed that he will be starring in upcoming SBS drama “Incarnation of Money.”