Phantom Releases Full MV of “Like Cho Young Pil”

After releasing a short video teaser for their upcoming mini album “Phantom Theory”, hip hop trio Phantom has released the full music video of “Like Cho Young Pil.”

As seen in the teaser, the music video is in the form of a documentary and starts with the termination of their contract with an entertainment agency. The music video shows the trio facing financial struggles as they prepare to audition for a new music agency. Each member must overcome his own personal challenges. Sanchez has no money to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday, Kiggen is responsible for putting together their new track, and Hanhae is pressured by his mother to go back to his hometown and continue his education.

The music video has subtitles in English, with the translation being credited to Sanchez.

“Phantom Theory” was also released on ITunes on January 17.

Check out the video below.