miss A’s Suzy Reveals A Piece Of Art She Created

miss A‘s Suzy recently revealed a piece of artwork she created that she was proud of to all her fans.

On January 16, she tweeted the photo of herself holding up her work with the caption, “This is graffiti right? By Suzy.”

In the photo, Suzy wears a pleased expression as she holds up her graffiti-inspired piece of work. The drawing appears to be of a woman with lines made from some soft, smearing material like charcoal. She also signed the artwork at the bottom with korean letters that read “Suz.” 

Netizens who saw the tweet and photo remarked, “Suzy even knows how to draw well!”, “The more I get to know you Suzy, the more I think you’re adorable” and “Please include an explanation of what this drawing is about!” 

In related news, miss A performed at the “Samsung Galaxy 27th Golden Disk Awards” held at the Inn Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia on January 15.