Sunye Worries About Her Upcoming Marriage + Members Give Her Encouraging Words

As the first idol member to get married in the current generation, Wonder GirlsSunye quickly stirred the entertainment industry abuzz with her wedding announcement last year on November 27. Because it is unprecedented, many speculated whether Wonder Girls will disband due to her marriage, some were upset that she disregarded her fans, and a few questioned whether she was pregnant since they couldn’t wrap their heads on the fact that she’ll get married so early as an idol… and she’s only 23. Many of her idol peers are working hard in the entertainment industry and her non-celebrity peers are busy studying in college or working towards carving their own career path.

And can you believe that her wedding is already less than 10 days away? She’ll be getting married next Saturday on January 26 and although she’s probably swamped with the wedding planning, Sunye had a chance to make a special guest appearance on Super Junior’s “Kiss the Radio” on January 17 through a phone call.

On this day, Super Junior’s Sungmin and Ryeowook, the main DJs for this radio segment, couldn’t be present because of a schedule abroad so Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun and Yoobin filled in as temporary replacements. Popera singer (author’s note: aka “operatic pop” is a subgenre of pop music sung in an operatic style. Josh Groban is a representative singer for this genre) Kai was also present on the Wednesday night corner “Introduction to Dating.” Sunye sent a text message anonymously, “I’m marrying earlier than my peers and I’m worried if I’ll do well.”

The three people in the studio (Ye Eun, Yoobin and Kai) got connected to the listener (Sunye) without knowing her real identity. They discussed, “The person’s situation is similar with Wonder Girls’ Sunye. Is it Sunye by chance and she changed her voice?” Sunye laughed at the accusation and her true identity was revealed.

Sunye shared, “I realize that I’m really getting married after wearing the wedding dress for the first time. I’m thankful that all the members came. I’m very nervous, but I’m preparing the wedding with a joyful heart.”

Ye Eun encouraged her afterwards, “Congrats on getting married and even though you’re still young, it’s a blessing to meet a good man and get married and also have a happy life. I love you and you have to be happy.” She teared up after her last words.

Yoobin quickly followed and said, “Congrats on becoming a lovely bride soon and you’ll be a wife soon. It would be great if we continue to care for each other and get along. We’ll always be by your side cheering for you so be happy.”

Sunye will wed James Pak, a Christian missionary, on January 26 at Seoul Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong and will spend their honeymoon in Maldives.

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