2YOON Releases Official Music Video For “24/7”
4Minute‘s sub-unit 2YOON, comprised of members Gayoon and Jiyoon, recently released their official music video for “24/7,” which carries a unique country sound that is not common in most K-pop songs. The music video takes place on a set that has farm-inspired props such as barns, barnyard animals and country dwellers outfitted in checkered flannels, suspenders, cowboy hats and newsboy caps. The entire theme is centered around their album titled “Harvest Moon” which shares the same title as the nintendo game we all know and love to play as farmers raising their own crops and barns!
The staff for the music video went all out for the set, creating a saloon front porch where the girls are seen performing, as well as outfitting all of the extras in western era gear. “24/7” has a pop-sound that is carried by the vocals of Gayoon and Jiyoon. There is also a cute dance to accompany the sub-unit’s melodic track. 
2YOON also released clips of their behind-the-scenes photo shoot for the album jacket of “Harvest Moon” as well as a behind-the-scenes making clip for the music video.
Check out the behind-the-scenes clip for “24/7”!
Check out the photo shoot for 2YOON’s “24/7”!