Girls’ Generation Discloses: “We’ve Been Asked Out Less than Other Girl Groups”

Can you handle all the romance talks idols are sharing on television lately? Is it TMI (too much information) or do you wish they share some more?

On January 17, Girls’ Generation members YoonA, Yuri, Tiffany and Hyoyeon appeared on KBS’s variety talk show “Happy Together” where they divulged a little about their romantic lives.

The MCs asked the girls, “Have you ever been asked out from celebrities?” The girls answered, “Of course we did, but it’s nothing much compared to other girl groups.” YoonA went on, “We always tell each other, ‘We’re the saddest bunch.’”

Hyoyeon shared, “I go out a lot on my own, but the members usually stay at home. They don’t have many opportunities to meet guys.”

One of the MCs asked if Hyoyeon ever went to a club, which caught her off guard. She laughed it off and innocently replied, “I don’t know.” She added, “I’m old enough” and the studio encouraged her that it’s definitely okay for her to have fun.