T.O.P And Girl Story’s Kim Yuri Take Photo At Filming Site Of “Schoolmate”

A recent photo of Big Bang‘s T.O.P and Girl Story‘s Kim Yuri has been drawing the attention of netizens. 

The photo was included in a post was titled, “T.O.P and Kim Yuri at the filming site” which reveals the pair smiling naturally like a pair of close cousins. 

In the photo, Kim Yuri looks relaxed and posing cheerfully next to T.O.P, who buzzed his hair short for the film “Schoolmate.”

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “They’re both so good-looking!”, “Together, they’re create such a bright and glaringly beautiful visual”, “T.O.P looks great even in short hair”, “I am looking forward to seeing the film!”, “It’s as if he’s a handsome and beautiful sculpture of a man” and “I feel like I’m losing myself in his gaze.”