NU’EST Joins Fans to Volunteer at Charity Event

On January 17, NU’EST volunteered with fans at “Sharing Briquettes of Love” event. NU’EST’s fan club “L.O.Λ.E ” originally planned the event on their own and later, NU’EST members expressed great interest in joining the good cause. NU’EST didn’t notify the fans and made a surprise appearance at the volunteering site. 

Members of NU’EST and 30 participants from “L.O.Λ.E” transported briquettes to families and elderly citizens in need. NU’EST encouraged all participants at the charity events with treats like fish-shaped red bean pastries. Later NU’EST posted on twitter, “It was an event with good intentions of sharing with those in need through briquettes. All members had a really meaningful time volunteering today.” 

Meanwhile, NU’EST is currently preparing a new album. They plan on making a come back in early February.