Moon Hee Jun Makes Comeback After 3.5 years With Dubstep-Inspired Track “I’m Not Okay”

Former H.O.T member Moon Hee Jun made his comeback after taking a hiatus for three and a half years! And it looks like he put that time to great use, because his latest track sounds contemporary despite some elements about the music video and style for “I’m Not Okay” that may remind some listeners of H.O.T – it’s easy to get hooked!

For starters, the track feels contemporary and yet still reminiscent of the Moon Hee Jun we all know and love. His vocals mix well with the pace of the song, which allows him to showcase his impressive dancing skills. He also has these cool back-up dancers that have flashing blue eyes and metallic masks (sort of reminds you of the JabbaWockeeZ). The song is about a man who must admit that he’s “not okay” and misses his lover. Kinda predictable but hey, falling in and out of love can make you poet even though you didn’t know it (kidding).

On a serious note, the choreography would be my favorite part of this music video! Every movement is fluid and coordinated strategically after the next, plus Moon Hee Jun really seems like he’s found another way to express himself on stage as a solo artist without sounding outdated and staying current. Two thumbs up!