Lightningstix’s Zingers: Rain Rain Go Away

Rain rain go away come again another day~

Here’s LIGHTNINGSTIX and he will try and give you a roundup of the interestin’ things going on in the K-Pop stratosphere while having a good time! 

1. Rain Rain Go Away
But really, although Rain’s punishment wasn’t that severe his image took a big hit! After being spotted with Kim Tae Hee he was criticized for getting preferential treatment in the military and also for not wearing his military cap. 
2. Yoo Hana Under Fire for Being Cold Hearted!

Yee Ha! Nothing like a cold hearted laday~ Yoo Hana appeared on “Strong Heart” and she was caught touching up her lipstick while other people were crying because people were talking about cancer and death in their family. Netizens went crazy, but Lightningstix no understand! Netizens are like Japanese men playing soccer while wearing binoculars! 

3. Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe Dominates UK Music Market
Lightningstix just love tying these two together because gangnam style and call me maybe is stuck in my head 24/7. Especially call me maybe. Lightningstix will use any chance he can get to show mashups of these songs.
4. Fan Goes Through 30 Surgeries to Look Like Park Bom
Hew. This picture is pretty scary. On the show “Mars Virus” two girls were shown who took a crazy amount of surgery to look like their favorite celebrities: Park Bom and Lee Min Jung. 
5. Jaekyung’s Boobies Go Poof! 
I always thought Jaekyung was voluptuous but it looks like her beautiful chest was fake. 🙁
6. PSY Meets Former President Bill Clinton!
Dayum PSY just met another U.S. president! 

7. Go Eun Ah Kisses Her Brother MBLAQ’s Mir! 

Hmm…. Strange… Go Eun Ah usually kisses her sibling MBLAQ’s Mir at home… I wonder if they are looking for a second son?

8. Go Young Wook Is the Next R. Kelly?

So Go Young Wook’s questionable text messages to a minor were revealed. You see this dude has been getting heat for being a pedophile. Lightningstix will not even bother and post pictures of him. You can look him up. 

All Lightningstix is going to do is show you an awesome clip making fun of R. Kelly!

9. Shindong Goes Drag… Again?
Need I say more?
10. Song Ji Hyo Pinches Kim Jong Kook’s Butt on “Running Man”
Huhu. Looks like somebody is having a little too much fun on “Running Man”
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