4minute’s HyunA Shines in Middle School Graduation Photo

Earlier this week, netizens dug up 4minute’s HyunA’s photos from middle school. Now they’ve got their hands on her graduation photo from middle school. The photo was uploaded on various online communities and displays HyunA’s youthful and clean-cut beauty. In her yearbook photo, HyunA is seen wearing her school uniform and has her hair neatly tied in the back.

Netizens who’ve seen the photo commented, “Is this really a photo from middle school?” “She looks so mature and poised,” “I like her bangs,” and more.

Meanwhile, HyunA attracted attention with her youthful beauty and mature figure several days ago. There seems to be a lot of news about HyunA lately, and many can’t help but wonder if she’s gearing up for a comeback!