Sunye Goes on a Musical Date With Her Fiance

With less than a week left before her wedding, Wonder GirlsSunye went to watch a musical with her fiance and some of her fellow members.

Singer and new musical actress Joo uploaded the picture to her Facebook and captioned it, “Yae Eun, Yoobin, Teacher Hye Jin, Sunye and brother-in-law came to watch the show.” In the picture her fellow label mates (under JYP) had come to support Joo in her role in the musical, “Catch Me If You Can.”

In the picture Joo poses in costume with the members of the Wonder Girls and Sunye’s husband-to-be.

With not much time left before Sunye’s wedding, netizens showed great interest in the picture. “Sunye Caught on a Date” and “Looks like Wonder Girls have a brother-in-law” were some of the comments.

Sunye will be married in Seoul on January 26.