Secret’s Hyosung Becomes New Model for Lingerie Brand “Yes”

K-Pop’s favorite “bagel girl” Hyosung from girl group Secret is now the new official model for the underwear brand Yes’.

Her agency TS Entertainment released the news and an official picture on January 19.

A representative from the Yes’ marketing team said, “Jeon Hyo Sung is a sexy icon for women in their twenties with her cute face and glamorous body. Through her cute and sexy image ‘bagel girl’ Jeon Hyo Sung will strengthen the trendy image of the Yes’ brand.”

The previous model of Yes’ was Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In.

Hyosung and the other members of Secret have resumed their activities and the group recently won awards in Japan at the “27th Golden Disk Awards.” They are currently promoting their new song “Talk That.”