Kwanghee Wants to Change His Wife from Sunhwa to Uee

Idol group ZE:A‘s Kwanghee commented, “I want to change my wife to [After School‘s] Uee.”

Kwanghee and Secret‘s Han Sunwha currently appear together as a married couple on the MBC show “We Got Married Season 4.” Recently, Kwanghee had an interview with MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” and confessed, “Even though it is a fake marriage, I am actually starting to like my partner.”

Then he was asked, “If you have an opportunity to change your wife, with whom do you want to change to?” Kwanghee answered, “I want to change my wife to sexy Uee,” making the audience laugh.

Kwanghee better watch what he says or else his current wife, Sunwha, will ask for a new partner too!