Son Ho Young Reveals His Washboard Abs on Men’s Health

Recently on the magazine “Men’s Health,” singer Son Ho Young decorated the cover page.

In the picture, Son Ho Young shows off his washboard abs in a pair of simple jeans and an unbuttoned white shirt. In contrast to his manly and toned body, Son Ho Young has an adorable smile on his face, melting his female fans’ hearts.

Son Ho Young has already appeared on “Men’s Health” cover page several years ago. However unlike in his younger days when he forced himself to work out for his muscled body, Son Ho Young stated that he now has the maturity to enjoy his health.

As his singing career is currently in the process of evolving, Son Ho Young announced that he followed the concept of “I have evolved into a new person” for his pictorial. Son Ho Young has decreased the amount of his workout and is now focusing on health rather than his appearance.

Son Ho Young stated, “Since appearing on ‘Opera Star’ and ‘Immortal Song’ in 2012, I became even more passionate about music. I think I also became stronger. Due to all these changes in myself, I was able to enjoy the photoshoot. I hope my fans look forward to not only my pictorial, but also my next album.”