Yoo Seung Ho Enjoys Street Vendor Food with Co-Stars

A photo of actor Yoo Seung Ho enjoying delicious food with co-stars recently spread around the internet to the delight of fans. On January 6, actress Jang Mi In Ae posted the photo on her mini homepage with the caption, “Can you guess why I’m here with Haeri, Haeri’s mother and Eun Joo?” while referring to them as their characters from the drama “I Miss You.”

In the photo, Yoo Seung Ho, Cha Hwa Yeon, and actress Jang Mi In Ae are smiling for the camera in the midst of enjoying some delicious street vendor food. What especially caught the attention of Netizens was the natural, comfortable pose of the actors. As you can see Cha Hwa Yeon is leaning comfortably against Yoo Seung Ho. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Yoo Seung Ho looks adorable at the fried foods stand,” “I wish I could buy you spicy rice cakes!” “If you get drafted, what will I ever do without you Yoo Seung Ho?” and “Where was this photo taken?”

In related news, Yoo Seung Ho begin his military service this month. He is currently refusing to appear in any commercials before he enlists.