John Park Says No Hong Chul is Considered Good Looking in America

Singer John Park made a surprising announcement about comedian No Hong Chul in an episode of “Infinity Challenge.”

In the special “100 Minute Discussion” segment of the show John Park informed the cast members that in Americans have a high opinion of No Hong Chul’s looks.

On the January 19 episode of “Infinity Challenge,” the members were discussing No Hong Chul’s current and and future advancements in America. For reference they called up past American Idol contestant and current soloist John Park. Over the phone John Park informed that people look positively on No Hong Chul, surprising the members.

“It would be good to go into America as a character. He could be like the Korean version of Borat.” The singer suggested. “No Hong Chul may not be considered attractive in Korea, but I think Americans will receive him well. He has a good looking face.”