Are Actors Song Hye Gyo and Jo In Sung A Match Made In Heaven?

Actors Song Hye Gyo and Jo In Sung seem to be a match couple made in heaven as they will soon face the audience through their drama “That Winter, the Wind Blows.” The show will air its first episode on February 13.

Song Hye Gyo said, “I have always hoped to work with Jo In Sung at some point in my life, but I think I met him a bit later than I expected. I’m happy that we met at a time where we are both mature than before, and we’re happily shooting our drama at the moment.”

Jo In Sung added, “Shooting with an actress like Song Hye Gyo is an honor and it’s only possible when the actor is lucky. Many of Song Hye Gyo’s dramas have become successful which is something that energizes us to shoot even more.”