4Minute’s HyunA’s Looks Haven’t Changed Through the Years

4Minute‘s HyunA proved that she has always been a beauty in a collection of photos dating back to her school days.

In an online community the pictures were shared with the title “HyunA’s History of Change From Graduation Pictures.” The photos were a collection of HyunA’s graduation photos. The picture shows that HyunA had always been a beauty even back in her days in uniform. Even in those old photos her trademark confidence and sex appeal can be seen.

Netizens who saw the comments were impressed by HyunA’s unchanging beauty. “There is nothing embarrassing about HyunA’s past looks”, “Flawless HyunA..she looks prettier with light makeup”, “She is definitely a natural beauty”, and “She must have been super popular in school” were some of the comments that were made.

HyunA and the other members of 4Minute recently went to Malaysia for the “27th Golden Disk Awards.”