GLAM’s Zinni Reveals Her Rock-Hard Abs

Rookie girl group GLAM member Zinni revealed her rock-hard, toned abs.

On January 20, Zinni posted on GLAM’s official me2day, “Flap flap! Hello, I am the ugly duckling!” along with a photo.

In the revealed photo, Zinni is wearing a cropped t-shirt that shows her bare midriff underneath a blue fur coat. She is also sporting pigtails under a fitted cap to complete her hip-hop look. Eyes were especially drawn to Zinni’s extremely well-toned abs. Fans exclaimed that Zinni’s cute and youthful face contrasted with her toned abs, which gave a surprising twist to her image.

Netizens made comments such as, “Later on, you can be a milky white swan,” “So cute,” “Your abs are daebak,” “I don’t think those kind of abs are possible for me,” “You’re way too cute to be an ugly duckling,” and more.

GLAM recently appeared on this week’s Inkigayo and performed their newest single, “I Like That.”