Nine Muses Have Toned Down Their Sexiness for a More Pure Image

Girl group Nine Muses are ready for their comeback and this time, they opted for a more pure and innocent image, rather than the sexy concept they usually picked to portray.

The girls has previously emphasized their sexiness right from their debut and once upon a time garnered much attention through their “Dark Muses” album jacket photo. But for this new comeback, they stressed the point that they are the “White Muses.”

The picture below consists of members Euaerin, Sera, Minha, Hyemi, Lee Sem. The girls are dressed in white dresses and are looking much more pure than before. 

Nine Muses will come back onto the music scene on January 24 as a 9 member group, confirming Sungah to be the new ninth member. Their title song is produced by Sweetune, marking the fourth collaboration between Sweetune and Nine Muses. Their agency Star Empire announced on January 10 that their new title track is named “Dolls” and will be released as a single album.