Shinhwa Members Dress Up As Cheerleaders

Shinhwa has recently gained attention for wearing cheerleader outfits.

On January 20, cheerleader Kim Yeon Jung posted on her me2day, “Appearing on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast.’ With Shinhwa at the waiting room! I will cheer for Shinhwa with the same heart of the Shinhwa Changjo fan members. I laughed so hard at their cheerleader outfits! All of the Shinhwa members were gentleman and looked just as handsome in real life! Shinhwa is the best.” The tweet had two pictures. 

In the photos, Kim Yeon Jung is sporting a hot pink cheerleading outfit and is posing with the rest of the Shinhwa members.

Shin Hye Sung and Eric sported short skirts and leggings, which caused many to laugh.

Netizens who saw these photos commented, “Shinhwa looks better in the cheerleader outfits than Kim Yeon Jung,” “Shinhwa is so cute,” and “Shinhwa Broadcast is so much fun.”