Jessica Gives a Special Gift to a Fan in Wheelchair

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica moved people’s hearts with her simple yet warm gesture. Currently she is appearing in the musical “Legally Blonde” as Elle Woods. One fan posted a picture of himself with Jessica. The accompanying text read, “Jessica was so beautiful in the picture, I decided to share this photo. I am a fan of Jessica. I ride a wheelchair because I am disabled.”

The fan had visited Jessica’s musical frequently in order to see her. Then, one time a staff member came to the fan. The staff member asked the fan, “Jessica wants to see you, are you ok with that?” The fan described the experience, “I thought I had misheard it. Suddenly I had the chance to meet with Jessica in person, I never thought I would have such an experience.”

The fan described meeting Jessica, “I thought I was meeting an angel. My heart was pumping and I was extremely nervous. I was so nervous that all I could say was thank you.”

The fan continued with the post by writing about how thankful he was to Jessica. The fan also wrote how Jessica might give off certain impressions on television, (Her Ice Queen image perhaps?) but she is actually a warm individual.

So it looks like the Ice Queen isn’t so cold after all!