SHINHWA’s Eric Looks like Yoo Jae Suk?!

Ouch! Did Eric just diss the national MC Yoo Jae Suk?

On yesterday’s episode of JTBC’s “SHINHWA Broadcast,” the show featured a special corner called “SHINHWA’s Quotes.”

During the episode, Eric was caught in a sticky situation for a comment he made in the past. The singer-actor was quoted as saying “My inferior complex is my face. When I wear glasses, I look like Yoo Jae Suk.”

Shin Hye Sung commented, “That’s a very dangerous comment. Are you dissing Yoo Jae Suk’s appearance?” to which Eric appeared genuinely surprised.

Kim Dong Wan added, “We can fix that comment. You can say, ‘My appearance is my inferiority complex. However, I like it when I wear my glasses because I look like Yoo Jae Suk,” coming to Eric’s rescue.