11 Must Hear Remake/Covers of Classic K-Pop

Now the definition of “Classic K-Pop” here is very subjective. Most of the songs on the list are actually covers on audition programs. The great thing about these shows is that we get a chance to revisit songs that were awesome, but now buried by history. lightningstix has organized this so that you can hear the original and the remake/cover. The first clip is the original and the second one is the remake/cover. Enjoy!

1. Become Dust (Original: Kim Kwang Suk, Cover: Roy Kim, Jung Joon Young) 


2. Emergency Room (Original: Izi, Cover: Jung Joon Young) 

3. Running the Sky (Original: Lee Juk, Cover: Huh Gak)

4. In the Rain (Original: Lee Moon Sae, Cover: John Park) 

5. Swing Baby (Original: JYP, Cover: Ulala Session)

6. If You Came Into My Heart (Original: Jo Duk Bae, Cover: Jo Sung Mo) 

7. All of You (Original: Yoon Bok Hee, Cover: Lim Jae Bum)

8. Confession (Original: Lim Jae Bum, Cover: Park Wan Kyu)

9. Like Rain Like Music (Original: Kim Hyun Shuk, Cover: Lee Seung Chul) 

10. You in My Arms (Original: Yoo Jae Ha, Cover: Yoo Hyun Sang)

11. Sorrow (Original: Cool, Cover: 10cm) 
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