Super Junior’s Donghae Shares an After Shower Picture

Super Junior’s Donghae teased his Chinese fans with a picture taken right after a shower.

On January 19, he shared the photo and wrote, “Showering to get clean and ready for a fan meeting.”

In the picture Donghae peeks out of a conveniently placed towel in the shower. He covers part of his face with a V-sign. Fans who saw the picture commented, “Oppa you are so handsome”, “I was shocked”, and “I’m curious as to who took the picture.”

Donghae is currently promoting Super Junior’s Chinese sub division Super Junior-M. He and Kyuhyun use weibo to communicate with their Chinese fans. Donghae has 160 thousand followers and Kyuhyun has 200 thousand. The two also shared a group picture of Super Junior-M.

Super Junior-M released their second album, “Break Down” on January 7. On January 19 they had a fan party in Nanjing to greet their fans.