Soyu’s Adorable Graduation Photo Shows Her Unchanged Face

A graduation picture of SISTAR’s Soyu has been dug up and shared on the Internet.

In an online community Soyu’s old graduation photo was uploaded. In the picture the younger version of Soyu smiles brightly for the camera. Her shoulder length black hair and white clothes emphasize her youth and innocence. Soyu may have lost the baby fat in her cheeks but it is clear that her facial features have hardly changed.

Netizens who saw the picture noticed a similarity between Soyu’s old picture and an actress. “Soyu’s graduation photo looks like Jin Ji Hee“, “I thought this was Jin Ji Hee’s graduation photo”, and “Soyu was pretty when she was young.”

Jin Ji Hee is a child actress born in 1999 who is most famous for her roles in “High Kick” and “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.”