miss A Is Sexy and Dreamy for W Korea!

The miss A members showed off their sexy and mysterious charms through a photoshoot with “W Korea.” The pictures were posted on AQ Entertainment’s official twitter. The tweet read, “2013.01 miss A member at the photoshoot scene!”

Suzy especially captivated Netizens with her transformation into a bunny girl. Suzy and Fei are shown holding bunnies and even Min is transformed into a bunny.

If you were ever curious, the reason why sexy has been associated with bunnies is because traditionally rabbits were symbols of fertility!

Netizens commented on Suzy’s look, “Wow she really has a dreamy look” and “She looks like a doll that has become a bunny girl.”

In other miss A related news, miss A recently attended the “27th Golden Disc Digital Music Awards” that was held at Kuala Lumpar.