Girls’ Generation Talks About Marriage, Having Kids and Being Ahjummas and More

Fans, have you realized that the girls are slowly becoming more open with reporters and the public with what they share? Taeyeon previously shared that she’s super lonely and even opened up about her first love while Tiffany revealed that she recently cried a lot.

The girls are currently busy promoting their 4th studio album “I Got a Boy” and TV Report was fortunate to grab an interview with the 9 starlets covering topics like marriage, children and being wives- topics, which were hard to talk about much earlier in their career. The interview format was “chatter time” where the girls got to be more comfortable discussing the topics amongst themselves.

So if you’re ready for an interesting interview where the girls just be themselves, come on in and click on the numbers below to continue with their discussions.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve promoted. What do you like about it?”
Seohyun: “It’s definitely knowing that we need all 9 members. I had a fun time promoting as TaeTiSeo, but I feel like I have more energy with all 9 of us.”
Tiffany: “That’s right. The type of energy that fills up the whole stage. And being able to feel confident leaning on all the other members.”
Sunny: “I like the fact that I can learn from the other members as they cover my weaknesses. I realized that we really need each other as 9 members.”
Taeyeon: “Does anyone know anything about our future unit activities?”
Tiffany: “I had a good response with the unit promotions so would love to try again when given the chance.
Sooyoung: “Lets work hard during this promotion. This is what our fans wanted too.”
Seohyun: “It’s not that we have to win awards and win first place, but I always end up laughing when it happens.”
Tiffany: “Who in the world doesn’t like first place? Am I right?”
Girls’ Generation: “Of course, of course.”


Seohyun: “I really liked that I was able to co-write lyrics with unnis for this album.”
Sooyoung: “I always have a feeling of regret after something is finished. It’s probably because I can never be 100% satisfied. However, it was a new feeling being able to collaborate. I was really happy and thrilled that the members were able to sing what I wrote.”
Taeyeon: “I also want to experience that feeling. My lyrics were rejected. Boohoo.”
Yuri: “Then next time, please compose a song.”
Tiffany: “It’s regretful that only my English lyrics are accepted.”
Sooyoung: “All of you wrote lyrics?”
Tiffany: “I didn’t say because mine was rejected.”
YoonA: “My lyrics were also rejected.”
Sooyoung: “Including me, it was all luck. (Laugh)”
Tiffany: “Even if all the members turned in lyrics, not all of them could be picked.”
Taeyeon: “We received composition, piano and other lessons whenever we had time before. It would be great if we had more time to practice now.”


 ◆ Girls’ Generation’s Transformation, Challenge and Happiness
“To be honest, I feel more burdened by our past achievements than the title of South Korea’s representative girl group. To show different Girls’ Generations during comeback as a goal.. At first, I was worried and scared. However, I’m happy and am having fun now that we’re performing on stage.”
Tiffany: “Well, our dance and attire is definitely different.”
Taeyeon: “I’m reeeallly happy that the costumes are comfortable. Haha.”
Sooyoung: “Remember how we wanted to send our older outfits to an incineration plant so they can be burned? (Laugh) The clothes would stick to our bodies and we would have to dance in it. And it was hard to dance in high heels with those clothes and experience muscle aches.”
YoonA: “Even if the choreography for this dance is hard, it’s much better because we could take off high heels and wear comfortable clothes. (Laugh)”
Sunny: “That’s right. I love the fact that we’re in comfortable clothes.”
Seohyun: “Even though the accessories are heavy, it’s sturdy so I like it. It’s a bit of a struggle when we do the headbang though. (Laugh)”
Tiffany: “Many people have told us that we’re cute since we took off the high heels. However, there’s such a big height difference when we all stand in a row. That’s a weakness taking off high heels. The shorter members even shorter. (Laugh).”

Hyoyeon: “What did you guys think of ‘Dancing Queen’ after it became public?”
Sooyoung: “I thought why did they make us go through that?”
Taeyeon: “I thought why would they release something that was taken so long ago now?”
YoonA: “I cringed looking at it.”
Tiffany: “But it’s because there was ‘Dancing Queen’ back then that we were able to release an album. We were able to improve and show a new side. Lets comfort each other thinking that way. Boohoo.”
Taeyeon: “Back then, we didn’t really put on makeup. Back then, we were awkward just focusing on our hair. Why didn’t we think back then that being natural would be pretty?”
Seohyun: “Looking at our image from back then made me realize just how young we looked. And I also realized that rather than enjoying the work, we just worked hard. We most definitely tried to do our best. We looked cute back then.”
Sunny: “Seohyun was in the 2nd year of high school then. Super baby.”

 ◆ Marriage and Giving Birth
“It’s already our 7th year since our debut. It’s mostly our juniors at music program dressing rooms. In the past, we would go to our senior dressing rooms to give our greetings. But now it’s interesting to see that our juniors are doing the same.”
Tiffany: “There are a lot of juniors with much skill. We have to keep working hard.”
Sooyoung: “In the past, our seniors would tell us that we look the same and I always thought to myself ‘Why do they think like that?’ However, I understand them now that I’m in the same position. (Laugh)”
Seohyun: “I started working in the entertainment when I was 17 years old, but I would be surprised when I see young members nowadays. I catch myself asking, ‘There’s someone born in 1996?’”
Taeyeon: “Yea, that’s right. Just like the name Girls’ Generation, we will naturally get older and time will pass.”
Seohyun: “I want to hurry up and get married. I don’t know when that will be, but it would happen when I find someone I love. (Laugh)”
Tiffany: “I got to see Wonder Girls’ Sunye’s fiance and I was really jealous. I’m really happy for them and also thought what if one of our members was married to the love of her life.”
Hyoyeon: “If there’s someone like that in Girls’ Generation, we should first congratulate her.”
Taeyeon: “However, the person must first receive permission from the other 8 members. (Laugh)”
Sunny: “Sister-in-laws are 8 members. (Laugh)”
Seohyun: “8 wedding photoshoots, congratulations, bridesmaids.. as well as celebrating baby’s 100 days. It’s going to be a circus.”
Yuri: “And it’s not like we’re only going to give birth to one child. The members will have about 2 children and that would mean there are 18 baby’s 100 days old celebrations we have to attend.”
Taeyeon: “When time passes, our fans will urge us to date and would also tell us to hurry up and get married and have children.”
Tiffany: “Besides Sooyoung, YoonA and Seohyun, the rest of the members are 25 years old. Are we not girls anymore? Boohoo.”
Taeyeon: “There’s no one among us who is married nor has a kid. Doesn’t that make us girls?”
Sooyoung: “Yes. I think that the term ‘Girls’ Generation’ is used like that. Hoho”
YoonA: “That’s right. We would be able to stay as girls because people see it like that.”
Hyoyeon: “Just like how Super Junior will not always be juniors. (Laugh)”
Girls’ Generation: “Yea. We’ll always be ‘Girls’ Generation~’”

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