Eugene Looks Beautiful for Cosmopolitan

Some of the photos from Eugene’s photo shoot for Cosmopolitan were revealed. The photo shoot was for the February edition of Cosmopolitan. In one of the pictures she is shown with a “mismatched” concept and her silver sneakers are eye-catching.

A representative from the photoshoot stated, “Eugene is bright, positive, and persistent. She continued to make suggestions for different styles and gained the hearts of staff members.”

During the Cosmopolitan interview Eugene was asked about her thoughts on the reaction towards the drama she is appearing in, “100 Years of Inheritance.” Eugene stated, “Watching the drama will be a lot of fun because of the love triangle that my character has with the character of actor Lee Jung Jin and also because of acting skills of all the other actors.” Eugene also stated that acting was the largest turning about in her life. She also stated, “I would like to do real action scenes and also try my hand at comedy.”