Child Actress Jin Ji Hee Is All Grown Up and Looks Beautiful

On January 22 on the official me2day of child actress Jin Ji Hee’s agency Well Made Star M, several photos were released along with a message, “Ta-da~ This is the new profile photos of Jin Ji Hee. She is growing up so fast. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?”

In the pictures is Jin Ji Hee with her long wavy hair down and sitting on a stool. Jin Ji Hee looks surprisingly grownup with her matured face. She has also grown much taller. Unlike the childish way she looked in MBC’s “High Kick Through the Roof,” Jin Ji Hee now looks beautiful and feminine in these new photos.

Netizens who saw these pictures admired, “Where did the adorable Jin Ji Hee go?” “Children grow so fast,” “She probably could now pull off a role in a romance drama.”