T-ara's Soyeon Under Fire for Supposedly Dissing Senior Actress

T-ara‘s Soyeon has recently been accused of dissing a senior celebrity.

This issue has been brought up to the surface through a couple of Soyeon and her friends’ messages through the messaging service, Kakao Story. Screen caps of Soyeon’s conversation with a friend named Sua and actress Yoon Yi Na have been made on January 16.

The conversation started by Soyeon leaving a comment on Sua’s photo of herself wearing a Kenzo t-shirt. Soyeon commented, “I have that same shirt.”

Then Sua replied that she got the shirt rather difficultly. Then Soyen added, “That one unni always wears Kenzo now… So I can’t wear it, no I won’t wear it.” Then Sua replied, “What is up with her? Should I take it off then?”

Then actress Yoon Yi Na added, “Isn’t that Stich?” Sua added, “Angry Stitch?” Then Yoon Yi Na continued, “An old Stitch.” Then Sua said, “She’s even old?”

Sua continued, “I don’t think Stitch brushes her teeth.” When Sua asked if they were going to “Stitch’s” wedding, Yoon Yi Na answered, “I was just saying that the character on the t-shirt looks like Stitch but somehow, the conversation went to a wedding? Haha I am going, when is it again?”

To sum it up, it looks like Soyeon and Sua were talking about a person when Yoon Yi Na mentioned that the character on the t-shirt looked like Stitch from the Disney movie, “Lilo And Stitch.” But Sua thought Yoon Yi Na was calling the person, Stitch, and proceeded to make fun of the person.

After this conversation was captured and posted online, it spread throughout online community forums and sites. Some netizens have even concluded that this “Stitch” was an actress named “A.”

After this news topped headlines, Core Contents Media commented, “We are bewildered that Soyeon’s personal messages have become a public issue like this,” and “This ‘Stitch’ person is just someone that Soyeon knows and is not the ‘Actress A’ that people are assuming.”

A few hours later, Soyeon opened up and explained about the conversation. She emphasized that “Stitch” was really from the cartoon film and was not meant to describe a particular celebrity.

Core Contents Media also added, “The name Stitch was thrown out there because the character on the t-shirt of Soyeon’s friend looked like the cartoon character Stitch. There is also another person that the girls know – she is a graduate student and is a big fan of the brand Kenzo. That is how the conversation started.”

They continued, “There isn’t even 1% of meaning behind the name Stitch and has nothing to do with a celebrity. They were just joking about the t-shirt character.”

Core Contents Media also mentioned that the girls weren’t talking about the wedding of the graduate student but actually the wedding of yet another person they know.

They finally mentioned, “We don’t think it’s right that Soyeon’s personal conversations that weren’t even about other celebrities were revealed to the public and is becoming an issue,” and “We apologize for this kind of happening and we will be more careful from now on.”


Excerpt of Soyeon, Sua and Yoon Yi Na’s conversation on Kakao Story


The Kenzo shirt



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