2 Yoon Poses with a “Girl vs Boy” Concept for “CeCi” Magazine

4minute‘s newest subunit 2 Yoon (Heo Ga Yoon and Jun Ji Yoon) recently took part in an alluring photo shoot.

2 Yoon recently posed for the February edition of “CeCi,” with a “girl vs boy” concept that showed off both girlish and boyish charms.

Heo Ga Yoon took on the girlish side of the photo shoot by dressing up like a European doll with romantic styling and dreamy facial expressions.

On the other hand, Jun Ji Yoon went for the boyish look by wearing chic blazers and funky jackets. Her short blonde hair style helped perfect this look.

Heo Ga Yoon reportedly planned out this theme since last year and has energetically participated in the styling and concept of the photo shoot.

2 Yoon has recently released their title track, “24/7” and has garnered much attention for the “K-Country” concept.