DBSK’s Changmin Talks about His First Kiss

On the pilot episode of KBS’s “Moonlight Prince,” DBSK’s Changmin talked about his first kiss.

When asked about his first kiss, the singer-actor cautiously started, “I had my first kiss a little late.” He explained, “It was after I debuted, and it was with an older woman,” surprising viewers.

Regarding his love life, Changmin revealed, “When I was in middle school, I couldn’t really date anyone because of my circumstances. However, if I could go back in time, I would like to date a lot more.”

When asked what point in his life would he return to if he could travel back in time, he answered, “I would like to go back to the early 2000s when I was still in school.” Changmin stated, “Back then, I was so shy that I didn’t really hang out with a lot of girls. I really want to meet a lot of girls. Probably not as much as the Brave Brothers, but I would like to meet girls freely.” 

Meanwhile, “Moonlight Prince” invites guests to talk about a book each week and is hosted by Kang ho Dong, Tak Jae Hoon, Jung Jae Hyung, Brave Brothers, and DBSK’s Changmin. Actor Lee Seo Jin had the honor of becoming the show’s first guest last night.