Go Young Wook to Be Indicted for Sexually Harassing Minors

Seoul Western District Prosecutor’s Office announced on January 23 that they will arrest and indict Go Young Wook for three charges of sexual harassment of a minor. 

Go Young Wook allegedly lured the victim, who is 13 years old, on her way home from school into his car by stating that he is a music producer and sexually molested her inside his car on December 1, 2012. 

Previously in May 2012, Go Young Wook was charged for sexually assaulting three minors. The prosecutor’s office asked for a warrant of arrest for Go Young Wook, but the court dismissed the demand, claiming that Go Young Wook is unlikely to flee. Later, two of the three plaintiffs dropped the case but with one case still remaining, Go Young Wook was charged with the same crime once again.