Jo Kwon Is Humiliated By His Aging Face

On January 22 on MBC’s “,” the faces of the old looking celebs in their 20’s and youthful looking stars in their 40’s were compared.

Before the detailed comparison, the ages of the guests’ faces were measured by a computer program. Shockingly, 2AM’s Jo Kwon’s face was measured to be approximately 34 years old. On the other hand, comedian Park Mi Son, who is 41 years old, was measured to have the face of a 35 year old. Therefore, though there are 17 years differences in their ages, Jo Kwon and Park Mi Son’s faces were found to be about the same age with only 1 year difference.

Netizens who saw this show commented, “So I guess Jo Kwon looks 10 years older than his real age,” “I was very shocked to hear that there is only 1 year difference in facial ages between Jo Kwon and Park Mi Son,” “How do they measure the facial age?”