Lee Seo Jin: “I Want to Have a Meal at Girls’ Generation’s Dorm”

On the first episode of KBS “Moonlight Prince,” actor Lee Seo Jin appeared as the very first guest of the show. Lee Seo Jin introduced author Hwang Sok Yong‘s recent novel “Gaebab Baragi Byul” with the MCs. 

During the show, Lee Seo Jin expressed much interest in one of the hosts of the show, Brave Brothers. He said, “I want to be friends with Brave Brothers since he must know a lot of girl groups.” Upon Lee Seo Jin’s expression of interest in female idol groups, Kang Ho Dong asked him which group he likes the most.

Lee Seo Jin responded that he does not have a preference for anyone in particular but another host, DBSK‘s Changmin provoked an answer by questioning Lee Seo Jin, “Or is it that you just like any younger female?” In the end, Lee Seo Jin admitted that he is a big fan of Girls’ Generation. He commented, “To be honest, I like Girls’ Generation the best. I want to eat a meal at their house.” 

Once again, Kang Ho Dong asked Lee Seo Jin which member of Girls’ Generation he likes the most rather persistently and Lee Seo Jin comically begged Kang Ho Dong, “Please stop it now,” causing everyone in the cast and audience to burst into laughter.