Actresses Jang Mi In Ae and Lee Seung Yeon Being Investigated for Illegal Drug Uses

Earlier, we reported that three female celebrities were to be investigated for illegal uses of the drug, propofol. Today, the media outlets revealed the names of two of the celebrities: Jang Mi In Ae and Lee Seung Yeon.

The police have already summoned Jang Mi In Ae to be investigated whereas Lee Seung Yeon will be investigated later this week.

The Seoul police have searched through seven different plastic surgery hospitals in Gangnam on December 9 and December 10 and have obtained the account books and the list of patients who received the propofol drug.

From those lists, the police were able to find the hospitals that Jang Mi In Ae and Lee Seung Yeon have visited and learned that they received propofol injections even without getting any procedures done. It is reported that both actresses have been going around to 2-3 different hospitals to receive these injections.

Propofol is a drug that is used as general anesthesia for operational procedures. Mild euphoria and hallunications are some of the short-term effects. If abused, users may become addicted.

Meanwhile, Jang Mi In Ae has recently appeared on the popular drama, “I Miss You.”