Yoon Kye Sang and Honey Lee Rumored to be Dating

Idol-member-turned-actor Yoon Kye Sang and Miss Korea-turned-actress Honey Lee are the latest celebrities to be entangled in a love scandal. The Korean media belatedly found out that both stars went to Bali for vacation on January 17, which caused many to speculate their relationship status.

However, both agencies have tried their best to squash the rumors. Honey Lee’s side stated, “Honey Lee loves traveling on her own. She has a close friend in Bali and she has visited the province many times before. We found out later that Yoon Kye Sang went to Bali for a family trip and we think that this rumor started because they happened to visit Bali for personal vacations around the same time.”

Her side continued, “We confirmed with Honey Lee and she doesn’t have any mutual friends with Yoon Kye Sang so we don’t understand why this kind of rumor was reported as news.”

Yoon Kye Sang shared, “It’s true that Yoon Kye Sang left for a vacation trip on January 17. However, the rumor that he traveled with a female actress is false. He went on a family trip with his parents and older sister.” His side continued, “Yoon Kye Sang just laughed the rumor off because it’s groundless. Rather than focusing on this false rumor, please expect to hear good news regarding his future project soon. We ask that you show lots of interest regarding that.”

Update: Honey Lee Returns to Korea from Bali

Many reporters caught up with the actress at the airport when they found out that she was returning to Korea early January 24. This is her first appearance to the public since the rumor with Yoon Kye Sang broke out. 

Soompiers, do you think it’s true and the agencies are doing damage control or could their overlapping vacation trip to Bali is just a coincidence?

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