SISTAR19 Is Coming Back, Here Is a Special Bedside Treat!

SISTAR fans and SISTAR19 fans rejoice! SISTAR’s awesome unit project group SISTAR 19 has announced their comeback. Knowing SISTAR19 they wouldn’t have just merely made this announcement with a treat for fans! The announcement was accompanied by pictures of SISTAR19 looking seductive on top of a bed. You really have to love their bedside manners!

Bora and Hyorin are shown looking seductive with different poses on top of a bed. The both of them really show off their sexy “S Line” and also their beautiful bodies.

Currently the big question regarding SISTAR19’s comeback is whether they can make a big hit as they had with their previous single “Ma Boy.”

A representative of the agency stated, “This time around, SISTAR19 has done their best to reach the expectations of fans who have eagerly awaited their return. We will try to show you the best of SISTAR19, including musical perfection.”

SISTAR19 will release their single on January 31.