Soloist Shin Jae (full name: Lee Shin Jae) released the full music video for his new song “It Hurts So Bad” on the Loen Entertainment YouTube channel.

Shin Jae is most known for his works in drama OSTs. His most famous song is “Tears are Falling” from the 2011 drama 49 Days. He was known as the “Faceless OST Singer” but has recently revealed himself to promote his new track.

According to the Youtube video “The title song ‘It hurts so bad’ is produced by Hang Seung Woo and is a traditional ballad song that has a beautiful melody and sentimental lyrics that you cannot find in an idol centralized music industry. Like the title, it talks about a person who can not let his heartbreaking love because he loved her too much. His whole heart is shown very well in the album itself.”

You can buy “It Hurts So Bad” on iTunes.

Check out the video below.