Shin Se Kyung Tweets Cute Selcas

Actress Shin Se Kyung is such a cutie-pie in her latest selcas!

On January 24, the actress posted her selca on Me2day along with a short caption,”Hehe~ Shy victory sign!”

In the picture, Shin Se Kyung is all smiles while flashing victory signs with her hands. Even though it is not a professional photo shoot, she shows off her flawless beauty in her pink dress. 

On the same day, Shin Se Kyung also tweeted another selca looking beautiful in her spring outfit.

In the revealed image, the actress is seen wearing another pink dress and a huge straw hat.

Netizens who saw the newly updated selcas commented, “Spring is already here?” “Sin Se Kyung looks really cute,” “Did she lost weight?” and “I hope spring is coming soon.”