2YOON’s 24/7 Praised By Spin Magazine for Being K-Pop Country

The popular U.S. magazine Spin recently praised 2YOON for trying to do a country style song with their title song “24/7.” On January 17, Spin released an article with the title “K-Pop Goes Kountry in 2YOON’s Marvelously Faux ‘24/7’ Video.” (Click here to read the full article)

The article (Written by Marc Hogan) mentions how “Taylor Swift must be kicking herself right now” because 2YOON has basically filled in the gap that Taylor Swift made after going more pop. The article continues to praise the song and at the end it states that “Country can go pop without ceasing to be ‘country.’” What more praise could a K-Pop Country song receive?

2YOON’s song is the first time that a K-Pop group has gone for the Country genre. As you can see in the music video, 2YOON has gone for a complete country style with their fashion and visuals.